Nicholas Demakes:



     What began with a fragmented drawing has evolved into a collection of limited prints, clocks and original paintings.

     After graduating Montserrat College of Art in 1994, Nicholas Demakes was finally free to pursue art within the horror and fantasy genre which was discouraged during his college years. Since then the subject matter of his work has evolved into a fantastical collection of sculptural clocks and original paintings including "Hellequin", based on the Harlequin Folklore of the Demon Huntsman and a twisted rendering of Raphael's "Cupid".

     The mediums used by Nicholas in his art are often as unusual as his subject matter. Over the years he has developed a process of blending the more traditional oils and acrylics with such varied materials as radiator patch, fruit juices and coffee grounds.

     Nicholas finds inspiration from a myriad of places: nature, fine art and architecture, classic horror movies, and more personally, from the encouragement he received from his late cousin Cindy, also an artist, who passed away in 1990.

     Currently, Nicholas has prints available at the Fool's Mansion, Essex Street, Salem, MA. Handcrafted clocks and prints are available for purchase through this website - visit clock shop and print shop to view selection.

     Please check the "news" section for updates on which regional sci-fi and horror shows that Nicholas will be attending.


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