9-12-17 This website will be renovated soon please check back soon .Also check the printshop for new creatures

9-1-17 please come to Salem this October to see a pop-up bat art show at 128 Essex Street and visit Crow Haven Corner for new batprints


8/27/16 New Bats,Cats,and Squids are in the print shop! Sorry for not updating ,Iusually like to show new art at the halloween art show in Salem but wanted to give a peek for you

9/21/12 New bats in the Print Shop! getting ready for Halloween with new cats too

1/19/11-Please check out the print shop it has updated art available with new gentlemen cats and monsters

2/6/2010 website will be updated soon with new Gentlemen Bats in the gallery please stay tuned!!

8/18/07 Good news this year the Terror Fantasies Art show will be on Essex street as it was 2 years ago in the big space with the magic show.I'm almost done the new 2008 Gent bat calendar.

1/15/07 Vicious Valentines are available for your love set 0f 4

12/3/06 New Christmas cards are availible in the Printshop with the new Count Kringle bat. The Gentlemen Bat Calendar will be coming out soon

10/23/06 New "Gentlemen Bats" are now showing on the Nocturnal Gallery

10/2/06   Hi Kiddies ,Well I will be in mutable places this October I'm at THE ART CORNER 263 Washington st. now until Halloween Open Reception is the 6th and Friday the 13th and the Fools mansion has some other prints . Also Jaho Coffee at pickering wharf has the Batqueen and the original coffee series of Caffeine freak and Cafe Noctume. Also the Washington Square Gallery across from the Witch Museum has Dracula and Bruce Wayne on display.

5/03/06  I'm in the New Rue Morgue  --------->

3/19/06 If anyones interested I have a myspace site http://www.myspace.com/hellequinproductions

3/14/06 I will have Hellequin Pins available soon. Mocha java bat is a new addition in the coffee gallery

2/5/06 Cephalopod is now available  please check it out in the coffee gallery

1/13/06  Happy New Year, I will be attending Boskone  43 this year and I will have the bats there along with some new additions to the bat family http://www.nesfa.org/boskone/

11/13/05   Some of my images are being featured as pendants by the awesome company Arcane Nonesuch - Definitely check them out!  http://www.arcanenonesuch.com/

10/9/05   Terror Fantasies Is In Salem on 290 Essex St.  open 10 - 6 all month so please come down and see the show there are 15 artists including myself .

8/18/05   Terror Fantasies is back . The Salem  Halloween art show will return starting the 6th of October on Essex st near the magic parlor-  I'll have more details soon

7/7/05  Working on new paintings with the bat theme ,The Batman painting is almost done and the BAT BOY painting is in the works ,I'll have a preview of Batman soon

3/31/05     At this time you can purchase clocks and prints through this website or visit The Fool's Mansion in Salem to pick up my prints. http://www.foolsmansion.com

3/11/05     Bang Boom, the Salem, MA store that carried my clocks and prints has closed down. My prints will now be available at the Fools Mansion, 127 Essex Street, Salem, MA. 

3/10/05     Hellequin.com is back !!! Had a lot of website issues to deal with. Sorry!! The website will be getting a make-over in the next few weeks. Please keep coming back frequently as I will be adding many new goodies to the site.

10/17/04     The Dark Art of Nick Demakes will be featured in Galerie Luna, 197 Derby Street, Pickering Wharf, Salem, Massachusetts from October 23rd to November 10th.  Prints and new original art will be on sale.

10/9/04     The Terror Fantasies Art Show is back. A rather last minute show was put together at the Fools Mansion (next to Bang Boom) Essex Street, Salem, MA. There is a possibility that next years show might find  a new home at Galerie Luna.

10/8/04     Halloween is coming!!! My art is available for purchase at Bang Boom on Essex St.  near Crow Haven in Salem, MA.  I also have a new  portraits page coming featuring animals like bats and zombies.

8/16/04     New portraits from the Boskone show are done - look for a sneak peek of the Count on the Hellequin prints page. I think he is a rather distinguished little gentleman - don't you?

3/12/04    Is anyone interested in t-shirts? I'm making some samples that I'll post soon.

2/16/04     Attended Boskone 41 this weekend in Boston. New Alarm clocks are available on the clocks page here

11/11/03     New alarm clocks in  the works, GIANT size !!! These are twice the size of regular ones, photos coming soon. These clocks can hang on wall as well.  Beware: Gargantua is coming!!

10/12/03     Check the Clocks page for the new alarm clock designs available at Bang Boom, 127 Essex St. Salem Look for Limited edition prints too.

8/20/03     ALARM CLOCKS AVAILABLE These are new and improved. Fully functioning clocks with alarms.   Custom colors and styles also available. Check out the Clocks page for pictures.

8/11/03     There will be no Halloween show this year but I will be selling art and clocks at Bang Boom.  New alarm clocks will also be available for purchase. Photos coming soon.

7/13/03     My artwork will be appearing in Bang Boom, a gift store located in Salem, MA on Essex Street next to the Fools Mansion and Crow Haven Corner.

5/30/03     Coming soon:  New stuff for the Print shop, including Dark Queens, blueberry art, and more sci-fi coffee art 

2/14/03    Attended Boskone 40 2003. The art show  included 68 artists, including Bob Eggleton and Jim Burns.    I sold the original of " UP ALL NIGHT. " If you have any interest in buying an original please email me.

10/31/01  I was published in Spectrum 8, an internationally distributed book of fantasy art. A new Spectrum book comes out every year. This is through a juried process where a panel of judges vote you into the book. Among them this year was Brom, one of my favorite artists .